12 Pack Studio Acoustic Foams Sponge Panels Tiles Absorption Sound Insulation Foam Triangle Flame-retardant High Density 30 * 30cm / 12 *

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Features: 12 pack acoustic foam, each sized 30 * 30cm / 12 * 12in. Great for reduce annoy waves, reverb and flutter echoes in small space. Perfect for recording studios, vocal booths, home theaters, etc. Environment-friendly and no dust sponge, high density and flame-retardant. Brings you more pleasant sound with it. Specifications: Color for Option: Black-12pcs; Black-6pcs and Red-6pcs Material: Adopt for Polyurethane Sponge Item Size(single): 30 * 30cm / 12 * 12in Item Weight(12pcs): 600g / 21oz Package List: 12 * Acoustic Foams(Black) Note: You can choose to buy 12pcs all in black or the set of black & red(each color 6pcs).

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