12 Piece Acoustic Foam Panels Tiles Studio Soundproofing Insulation Closed Cell Foam

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DESCRIPTION: Application: Our diy soundproofing accousting foam panels helps you know how to soundproof a room for pro studio acoustics. sound absorption role:Due to the frictional resistance and viscous resistance of air and the effect of heat conduction, the sound energy is converted into heat energy, which plays a sound absorption role. Flame retardant material:which not only has effective sound engineering properties, but also does not cause harm to the human body. At the same time, we added flame-retardant materials to the sponge to reduce sudden hazards and ensure safety. Easy to Instal: The soundproof panel can be installed on walls, ceilings, doors. It helps with noise cancelling. Occasion:Acoustic foam & sound proof panel is suitable for acoustic panels sound absorbing in recording studios, control rooms, music studios, soundproof booth, offices, home theaters, bedrooms, baby rooms, etc. It can provide sound-absorbing effect also can be cut according to the shape you like,

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