Door Curtain Length 80 Inches For Door Privacy Keep Insulation Insulation Door Screen For Air Conditioner Room Divider Bedroom Sliding Closet

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Retro Minimalist Style: Modern homes use this old-fashioned way of hanging curtains between openings, which is not only practical, but adds a vintage-elegant aesthetic to home decor. Insulation: Use this thick microfiber polyester fabric curtain panel to keep the heat cool in air-conditioned rooms/stairs rooms in summer to save on electricity bills. Privacy: This soft but not too heavy separate room, since the sheets cover the curtains, protect privacy, and even help with noise reduction, soundproofing properties, such as in a home office or in a shared apartment with roommates. Waterproofing and side light door use: two additional ideas. 1. Waterproof material is perfect for bathroom, RV door and outdoor use, durable and strong. 2. Pockets are sewn on top and bottom for hard to find 80 long French doors and windows. Packaging and Easy Care: 1 panel curtain per pack. Rod pocket top. With pockets, clips or poles. Machine washable. Dry at low temperature. Bleach free. If the plastic bag

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