Room divider film, frosted film, bathroom film, window film, glass film, opaque film, white (width 50*length 300cm)

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Frosted privacy protection The top of the functional privacy protection film can block unnecessary view. A simple white matte decorates your position. It can be statically attached to the surface without glue to provide security and additional convenience. Simple operation, easy to remove and repeat application. Why us: The highest level of privacy protection: it’s nice to feel safe at home Humanization: easy, no worries, easy disassembly, no damage, no residue No glue needed: just use soapy water for installation, no toxic glue is needed Reusable: High quality PVC material provides extra durability and can be changed and reused UV protection: say goodbye to harmful UV rays that can damage the skin Energy Saving: Control energy costs by reducing high temperature in summer and keeping warm in winter Installation Notes: Clean the surface of the target thoroughly. Measure the area and cut the sheet. Leave extra inches on both sides for an easy fit. There is enough diluted soapy water in

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