Soundproof Foams Acoustic Treatment Studio Wall Panel Tiles 30x30x2cm 6x Black+6x White)

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Specification: Product Name: Soundproof Foam Material: Sponge Size: 30cm/11.81″x30cm/11.81″(LxW) Thickness: 2cm/0.78″ Color: 6xBlack+6xWhite Quantity: 12pcs/Set Features: -Square sound-absorbing sponge with beautiful appearance and good acoustic properties. Due to its square shape, there is almost no diffusion and the effect is very good. -High-density sound absorption to reduce harmful noise -The panel helps to reduce reverberation, vibration, and undesirable sound reflections. -Easy to shape and cut to size, changes will not affect performance. -Flame retardant, self-extinguishing after 3 seconds on open flame, reducing safety risks. But it should be noted that burning on an open flame for a long time will destroy the flame retardancy and make the sound insulation cotton burn. -Suitable for use on walls in recording studios, offices, small and medium-sized rooms, classrooms, theater rooms, etc. Tips: There is no adhesive on the back of the sound-absorbing cotton, so you need to

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