Wind Screens and Pop Filters Professional Sound Shield, Foldable Acoustic Microphone Shield Soundproofing Foam Isolation Filter Cube for Studio Sound

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??? ?BEST FUNCTION?: The sound insulation shield is covered with a high quality steel shell. Effectively distribute sound waves around the microphone, prevent sound from bouncing off the microphone, and control reflected sound waves. ??? NOISE ISOLATION SHIELDING: When your sound finds a clear path to the microphone, unwanted external audio waves and vibrations (also known as noise and interference) are kept away from the recording area. With the noise isolation shield, the recording performance is better. ??? ?EASY TO CARRY AND USE?: You can easily carry from studio to studio or other place. It can be easily installed on a desktop tripod or on the floor. ??? ?ADJUSTABLE PART?: The whole sound insulation shield is made of three small foam panels of 120*280mm, which are perfectly connected to each other. And you can adjust the suitable angle by the connecting piece. ??? ?ADVANCED MATERIALS?: ABS plastic cover, sound absorbing high-density sound insulation foam and metal tripod stand

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